Social Network, Meet Physics Engine.

Explore Different Services

Biologic supports three services equally: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Wherever your friends are posting, you can keep up with them using Biologic.

Who Posts The Most?

After selecting a service, each cell in Biologic represents a person. People who have posted more content recently have bigger cells.

See What's Important

Each particle inside a cell represents a recent update from that cell's user. Tap an update to read it, follow links and find updates with different media such as photos, videos, links and check-ins.


Select a question to reveal the answer (or show everything). If you don't see your question listed, please email us and we'll try to get back to you as quickly as we can!

How do I log out?

You can log out of Biologic on your iOS device by tapping the (i) button in the top right of Biologic and tapping the "Log Out" button. After doing so you'll need to authenticate with our servers again the first time you select a service.

How do I delete my account? How do I remove a service?

You can log into our API using your web browser and remove any services you don't want to use with Biologic. If you remove all services your account will be deleted. Alternatively, email with your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn ID and we'll remove all your data as soon as we can.

Does Biologic work on iPhone/iPod/Android?

Biologic is iPad-only for the time being. It is functional on the original iPad but best on newer iPads. We plan to release versions of Biologic for other platforms in future but we don't have firm dates available yet.

Does Biologic work with iOS 4?

Unfortunately not. We're using the latest and greatest features of iOS 5 so Biologic won't work on iOS 4, sorry.

Does Biologic work with Google+?

Sadly no. We'd love to support Google+ but the service doesn't yet have an API (Application Programmer Interface) that we can use to get your friends into Biologic. We're ready for Google+ when Google is!


Biologic is an app for the iPad made by Bloom Studio, Inc. in San Francisco. Our first app, Planetary, is a music player that transforms your iTunes library into a 3D galaxy.

Biologic's sound design is by Emily Ridgway. The back-end systems were architected and built with the help of Seth Fitzsimmons and Schuyler Erle.

Biologic is made with Cinder and FMOD.